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The 16th  World Wind Energy Conference,WWEC2017 Malmö, Sweden has now come to an end. The World Wind Energy Association and the… Read more

Ibrahim Baylan at WWEC2017

Swedish Minister Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, confirmed for WWEC2017 opening ceremony. The minister is also elected President of the International… Read more

WWEC2016 – Tokyo

WWEC2016 – 31 October – 1 November 2016 / Technical tour on 2 November 2016 15th World Wind… Read more

WindEnergy, Hamburg

The international trade fair, WindEnergy, Hamburg 27 -30 September 2016. Hamburg will again become your gateway to… Read more

Sustainable Malmö

Sustainable Malmö – is considered to be one of the world’s greenest cities. In Malmö, ecological, social… Read more