About the conference


World Wind Energy Conference, WWEC2017 Malmö, Sweden
 12-14, 2017. Technical tour on 15 June. 

The 16th international World Wind Energy Conference

The Conference will be the event of the year that brings together the foremost experts, peers and practitioners in the business from the whole world.

On the theme; Popular and Participatory Wind Power, the conference will focus on how to contribute to the development of wind power with a mix of players working for the energy transformation. Through dialog and exchanged knowledge we will move forward together.

 Not to be missed!

WWEC2017 hosted by:
Wind Energy Associations & Swedish Windpower Association.

Word Wind Energy Conference venues.
WWEC2017 – Malmö, Sweden
WWEC2016 – Tokyo, Japan
– WWEC2015 – Jerusalem, Israel
– WWEC2014 – Shanghai, China
– WWEC2013 – Havana, Cuba
– WWEC2012 – Bonn, Germany
– WWEC2011 – Cairo, Egypt
– WWEC2010 – Istanbul, Turkey
– WWEC2009 – Jeju, South Korea
– WWEC2008 – Kingston, Canada
– WWEC2007 – Mar del Plata, Argentina
– WWEC2006 – New Delhi, India
– WWEC2005 – Melbourne, Australia
– WWEC2004 – Beijing, China
– WWEC2003 – Cape Town, South Africa
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